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Coastal Gutter Cleaning provides the most affordable and professional gutter cleaning service from Ballina to the Gold Coast.

A typical customer experience with Coastal Gutter Cleaning:

After visiting our website, a customer will usually call us with questions about our services and prices. When a customer calls, they will speak with one of our trusted customer service representatives who will be able to provide the answers to any questions. A lot of people like to ask, “How do you clean the gutters?” So this is what we tell our customers. “A gutter clean involves clearing of all gutters with a gutter tool and our hands. We then put it into bags so that we can take it away.


When we’re finished, we flush the gutters and down-pipes. On some occasions, if the debris in the gutters is completely dry, we’re able to blow it out of the gutters and into piles on the ground. This is when we put it into bags and take it away. All waste is taken care of by Coastal Gutter Cleaning and we leave your property looking neat and tidy”. A question that often follows that first question is, “How much do you charge?” What happens next is very simple and it’s a part of what makes our gutter cleaning service so fast and effective. We’re able to provide an over the phone, no-obligation, free quotes by asking a few simple questions such as “is your house one storey or two storeys? How many bedrooms do you have? Do you have any carports or sheds connected to your house or on your property that will need gutter cleaning as well? Is your roof particularly steep?” Once we have the answers to these questions and our customer is happy with the price, we book in a time to come and complete the gutter clean. This is usually within a couple of days from your first contact. We can often squeeze customers in on the same if time and location permit.


Benefits of gutter cleaning:

  • Protects against leaks and structural damage

  • Protects downpipes and drains

  • Stops contamination of water tanks

  • Prevents interior flooding

  • Eliminates fire hazards

  • Reduces risk of pest infestation

  • Protects the value of your property

  • Peace of mind

Image of a gutter cleaner working on a Gold Coast home


"Awesome work! Toby is very friendly he completed all works given and took away all the rubbish. Toby has all his own gardening tools to get the job done. Great work”

Melissa D

Absolutely great, came at short notice, will use CGC again.
Very professional, works in any conditions. Very polite. Highly recommend Toby & the team.”

Mick J

“Great job. Very happy. So friendly. Had all the equipment required to get the job done. Thank you for great services once again Toby and the team at CGC.”

Donna M

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