5 Best Practices in Maintaining Home Solar Panel Systems

Installing solar panel systems in a home is a solution for high electricity rates. Although it is a one-time expense, it saves homeowners more as the years go by. Therefore, it’s only fitting to ensure that the device lasts long to get its cost-effectiveness. But how do homeowners maintain home solar panel systems? Here are some best practices.

1. Keep Panels Unobstructed

Aside from the fact that the contractors should not install the panels to absorb sunlight, they should also stay clear from other objects. Trees, buildings, and other obstacles can cause shadows and make the panels' energy output very low. They also affect the panels’ performance rating.

It’s essential to have an open area on the rooftop to catch the sunlight. But homeowners might not realize that the panels should face southwest. Aside from that, homeowners should check if the solar panels are still facing the right direction.

2. Monitor Solar Panels

It’s hard to monitor the systems in a home, especially if there are multiple sets of equipment for solar panels. But as a homeowner, it’s essential to watch the solar panels to see if some of the assemblies or components are malfunctioning. When this happens, it’s necessary to have them repaired or replaced right away.

3. Keep Panels Clean

To ensure that the panels are clean, homeowners must clean them from insects and dirt. For instance, mice and other pests get attracted to the boards because of their wires. Most homeowners don’t even realize that the animals damage their panels until too late.

Aside from mice, dirt and dust can accumulate on the panels. Moreover, rain can make the boards more prone to rust. Therefore, homeowners should always clean the panels from the built-up substances.

4. Inspect the Control Panel

The control panel is an essential component for solar panel systems. It allows homeowners to control the system and monitor its current status. Aside from that, it also gives an easy-to-read display of the current status of solar panels.

Of course, it’s wise to inspect the control panel regularly to see if it’s functioning well. It’s also important to check if the wires are damaged. Homeowners should at least examine the solar panels in the house thoroughly once a month.

5. Replace Wiring

Aside from the control panel, it’s also essential to check the wiring for damages. The wiring must be in top shape, especially if a current runs through it. In many cases, the wiring stays concealed under a cover. But if the cover isn’t there, the wires are exposed. Even if a homeowner follows the suggested maintenance, there is still a chance of getting a home solar panel system. If this happens, the homeowner must contact the manufacturer.


Solar panel systems are valuable devices because they can help homeowners save money on their electric bills. Furthermore, they can also help the environment by reducing the emission of harmful substances into the air.

However, it’s not enough to have panels installed in the home. Scheduled maintenance jobs matter to ensure that the devices do not cause malfunction. Also, it’s wise to know the components and possible problems when home solar panel systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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